What am I working on?

I'm currently working on a program called ChartBase which will incorporate a few of my smaller projects into on with a PyQt GUI. This program will be able to manage scraping and downloading songs from various Clone Hero chart sources including Chours and will organize these into one big local repository of unique songs. Songs downloaded need to have .mid files converted to .chart, miscelaneous files identified and deleted, as well as remove songs the game itself identifies as "bad songs". The resulting data set will be used to train a neural net that will take in an audio file and output a working Clone Hero chart based on patterns learned and reinforcement from a simple review system.

Other than programming, I'm in the process of applying to CU Boulder to finish my CS degree and am always honing my language skills, specifically Persian-Farsi.

Also I'm trash at webdev so this website kinda sucks but I'm trying...