Instasave for Chrome!

Here's a link to the page in the Chrome Web Store
Here's a link to the GitHub repository to view the source

Anytime someone would want to download the source image or video from Instagram I would bet that it turns into a question of why one can't right click and select "Save As" and then subsequent google searching. I've been in this boat and in the past tried to make this same Chrome extension but failed because I was bad. I've since started relearning programming in an effort to eventually get a job in the field and on my way to create a portfolio, finally created this boi.

This Chrome extension will enable if the browser page is on an Instagram post and clicked the broswer action will sequentially download all source media contained within.

The next version released will implement a popup when the browser action is clicked which will allow the user to save all media or only media selected in the popup. Either action will be able to be zipped and downloaded by toggling a checkbox.